Northside Rock N Roll Carnival 2015

2014 Northside Rock n' Roll Carnival

Thursday through saturday, July 3rd, 4th & 5th! Free! All Ages!

Just past the park entrance the pavilion at Hoffner Park will be transformed into a festive Beer Garden. A step beyond festival goers will emerge into a captivating playground of great original music, Fire Breathers, a carnival side show featuring Sword Swallowers and a Bed of Nails! Anticipation will build as a bona fide rock ‘n roll concert unfolds inducing the flow of nightlife activity between Hoffner park and Northside’s dynamic and historic business district.

About the Rock n' Roll Carnival

The Rock 'N Roll Carnival is an extension of the festival that has been presented by the Northside Business Association since at least the early 80's. The Rock 'N Roll Carnival was initially dreamt up by Chris Schadler in 2005 then carved out, cleaned up and driven home by Leslie Scott & Chris in 2006. The event has endured weather, economy and exhaustion and continues through the work and support of the Northside Business Association and numerous Northside residents and businesses for the sake of showcasing Cincinnati's most independent neighborhood, NORTHSIDE!

The event is put on by the Northside Business Association and couldn't happen without the support of our sponsors. This year's presenting sponsors are Madtree Brewery and Cavalier Distributing. This year's major sponsors are CityBeat, the Comet, CoSign, Gaslight Property, Happen, Inc., Milhaus Development, Mt. Carmel Brewing Company, the Northside Tavern, N.Y.P.D. Pizza, and Shake It Records. Please be sure to stop in and say thanks for supporting the Northside Rock n' Roll Carnival and live local music!

A Giant Thank you to the following sponsors - tell them thanks, we couldn't do this without their support!

The Northside Business Association

Thank you MadTree!

Thank you Cavalier Distributing!

Thank you NYPD Pizza!

Thank you Gaslight Property!

Thank you Mt Carmel Brewing Company!

Thank you Comet!

Thank you Milhaus Development!

Thank you Northside Tavern!

Thank you Happen!

Thank you City Beat!

Thank you Shake It Records!

Christopher Thielen, DDS

Schaeper's Pharmacy


Thank you for your interest but the deadline has passed for this year. 
Please contact us if you're interested in becoming a vendor at the 2015 Northside Rock ‘N Roll Carnival!


Hoffner Park (you may need to scroll around a bit)

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